Wear your hair up and your necklace backwards I39m doin39 this


Panels from chapter 2 of Watchmen, first going from Adrian at the funeral to Ozymandais

3 panels from part 2 of "The Laughing Sun". In the first,

Two different panels from "The Laughing Sun" -- the first is Laura's recollection

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Album cover for A Night At The Opera

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Cover of the 2007 Heartbreak Soup trade paperback. “

Head shot of Bob Dylan in his mid-twenties.

Panel from The Laughing Sun, in which Vicente remembers himself and Jesus envisioning hell as

Choker Necklace, what not to wear after 40


Bob Dylan The Folk Poet

trust the universe gabby bernstein card deck

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Album cover of Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

The Day US Customs Found A Bullet In My Pocket

cover of Honky Chateau

a close up of a hairdresser working on a client's hair

An example of using a manufacturer for jewelry designed by the business owner

The Butterfly Effect Poster · Trailer

Rules for Getting a Drink in UAE - Alcohol & the Law

A panel from Chapter 9 of Watchmen, in which Dr. Manhattan says, "

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