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I thought I would stir things up a bit and do a quick blog on what I consider the most problematic spell lists found in the early version of Spell Law.

Rolemaster Fantasy Starter Collection - 6 Books! - Rolemaster 4th Ed - Noble Knight Games

Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing: Coleman Charlton: 9781558065505: Books

Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes (Rolemaster Fantasy Hero): Aaron Allston, Coleman Charlton: 9781558060029: Books

Where Precisely Is the “Game” in MERP/Rolemaster?

Rolemaster Companion (Rolemaster 2nd Edition Game Rules, Advanced Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 1500): Mark Colburn: 9780915795123: Books

To be fair, publishers ICE have rarely done themselves favours in this respect. For its first decade or so of existence, Rolemaster had stuck to a more or ...

Familiars are not only a staple of fantasy fiction but a core visual ingredient of Rolemaster book covers–specifically the ongoing series of Angus McBride ...

Spell User's Companion (Rolemaster, Shadow World) Paperback – 1991


SHADOW WORLD MASTER ATLAS - SECOND EDITION A Fantasy World for Use with Rolemaster: Terry Kevin Amthor: 9781558061699: Books

Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying Game Review

Rolemaster: The Basics (Stock #5501) [BOX SET]: Coleman Charlton, Angus McBride: 9781558062436: Books

Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster) 2nd Revised edition Edition

Rolemaster (1st Edition) [BOX SET]

ERA for Rolemaster RMFRP Core and Character Law

A fantasy role playing Bard

Weapon Law: Firearms (Rolemaster #5524): B. Mohney, J. Hedges, John Curtis: 9781558062894: Books

Shadow World: Jaiman : Land of Twilight - Iron Crown Enterprises | Rolemaster Classic | RMSS and RMFRP | Shadow World |

Sea Law (Rolemaster Accessory #1130): William Van Horn: 9781558062023: Books

Rolemaster Combat Minion (RMSS/FRP License) - Iron Crown Enterprises | RMSS and RMFRP |

Arms Law and Claw Law (Rolemaster): Peter C. Charlton, Kurt Fischer: 9780915795000: Books

Rolemaster Session 1 , Part 1, This is not a railroad, honest

So now I have nudged the trajectory of my PCs wholly into an overland journey to the enemy-occupied Dwarven mountain city of Angrothrond, wherein the PCs ...

Rolemaster Combat Screen (Advanced Fantasy Role Playing: Charlton, S. Coleman:

Rolemaster Combat Minion (RM Classic License)

Elemental Companion (Rolemaster)

ERA for Rolemaster - Iron Crown Enterprises | Rolemaster Classic |

Robin Hood: The Role Playing Campaign: Graham Staplehurst: 9780915795284: Books

Rolemaster Recap - Fantasy Grounds VirtuCon 2014

Dark Space: the Clutches of the Vlathachna (Rolemaster/Space Master): Monte Cook, Jessica Ney, Terry Amthor, Dell Harris: 9781558061408: Books

Rolemaster Annual 1996

The other day I was looking up something in Middle-Earth Role Playing (MERP), and I came across a passage I don't recall reading before—ever before, ...

'Actual play' RPG experiences like Critical Role, Adventure Zone are having a moment - Polygon

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ERA for Rolemaster - RMFRP Character Creation

Islands of the Oracle (Rolemaster / Shadow World)

I'm curious and interested about exploring niches of Rolemaster and fantasy RPG's in a novel way–subverting tropes, high level adventures, monsters as PC's, ...

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Massive Spring Sale Terraforming ...

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Fantasy Grounds Tutorial 01-B-01 - The FG Launcher: The GM's Perspective (v3.0.2)


Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues (Advanced Fantasy Role Playing, 2nd Ed, Stock No.

Greater Harad ...

Here is my Signed copy of the Rolemaster Special Edition RM2SE. Only 200 made of which mine is #62.

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Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion

Search around the internet for Rolemaster discussions and you'll see that a lot of people gripe about how much time it takes to make a 1st lvl character.

Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder Playtest Adventure: Doomsday Dawn (PFRPG) on Steam

"Core RPG" refers to Fantasy Grounds' generic module which can be used to play a variety of systems.

The most basic movements in the history of RPG .

Review: Fantasy Grounds II meets your virtual tabletop gaming needs

What the GM sees

Great GM: Party for one? How to run a single person Role Playing Game - Game Master Tips (GM Tips)

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Rolemaster Fantasy Weapons

Nightmares of Mine (Rolemaster Standard System): K. Hite, John Curtis: 9781558063679: Books

I created new “playbooks” for the archetypes of both games. That involved retooling some of the NPC connections, player secrets, and hooks.

In the original Rolemaster, Ambush was one of the skills that worked differently than others. I'm sure at the time, they were just trying to fit a square ...

Making fantasy reality: Alan Lee, the man who redrew Middle-earth


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Roleplaying or Dungeon Crawl? Your choice!

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Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: An Adventure taking Characters From 4th to 14th Level by Monte Cook


Spell Law (Clothbound, Limited Edition)

Rolemaster Fanzine Issue 23

More previews to be found on the Official website, and some of them will be added to this page every now and then.

I don't know how many of you know of this game? To cut a long story short what Against the Darkmaster (vsDarkmaster for short) is is MERP plus house rules ...

The Fantasy Role-Playing Game: A New Performing Art: Daniel Mackay: 9780786408153: Books


As tempting as it may be to go on a complete spending spree when you first begin your career in Master League, it is important to remember to always keep ...

Fantasy Grounds Tutorial: Getting Started! - Fantasy Grounds Master Series

Interview with Andy Chambers

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